I had a crown put on a tooth 2 years ago that was put on crooked so it rubs my tongue. It also has a black line at the top and when he put it on he said so it could get clean under it. It looks terrible. He also put a filing in my front tooth that has fallen off. Should he fix this at no charge? I am tired of dentists doing faulty work. I also have bones breaking in my gums that he has had to remove teeth and all. He then tells me he does not know why. How can he not know if he went to dental school. Please tell me what his obligations are because I am tired of being ripped off. He also did crappy bridge work. The bone split under prior bridge work and I had to pay out of pocket to have the whole thing redone and it looks terrible. Thanks or any help you can give me,

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  • kim stacks

    kim stacks 11 - May - 2011, at 09:26 AM

  • I called my dentist and they said I should of complained about the crown when they put it on. I did complain but they did not show me what it looked like until they had put the permenant cement on it. He then said he would not replace the filing only if it had happened within 6 months. Dont dentists have some kind of obligation to their patients as to their work. I told them forget it i can find another crooked dentist to give my money to. How can he get away with this? Please tell me I appreciate any advice.

  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 10 - May - 2011, at 09:43 AM

  • I am sorry to hear what has happened to you. I must say that no dentist does this kind of work intentionally. I do agree that sometimes somethings can go wrong but those can be taken care of. If your are not satisfied with your dentist then you can take a second opinion from a different dentist before making any opnion about anything. You better explain your feeling to dentist or his office manager which I think should work and they will resolved the problems. However for best treatment you can visit a dental school where the treatment though is done by dental students but the work is dental treatment is carried out under the supervsion of senior dentists. There are all kinds of dentist and they donot have commerical interest and the treatment is cheaper but top of line.

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