A friend visiting us has chipped his front tooth - at least 25% of the tooth chipped in a clean cut away. He has very scew teeth and will need braces later but what can be done to fill the chip for now??

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  • Linda Rall

    Linda Rall 30 - December - 2010, at 01:43 AM

  • Thank you so much - this feedback has been a relief as there is no sensitivity so it may be remedied with the composite built up option but I will call a local dentist for an appointment now. This service is absolutely brilliant and I will be sure to share this with my friends and social network friends. Regards

  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 29 - December - 2010, at 20:18 PM

  • What should be the treatment of the chipped tooth depends upon the extent of the chip and the symptoms. If the child is sensitive to hot and cold sensation and the fracture is very near or exposing the pulp then the tooth has to undergo the root canal treatment and above that the crown has to be given . But if the fracture is like this that the tooth is not sensitive and is not exposing the pulp then even the composite built up will work for the time being. It is better you visit the dentist who after doing the clinical examination and taking the X-ray's will advise you for the treatment plan. For more info on the composite built ups you can visit the following link...www.identalhub.com/article_when-is-composite-filling-done-in-a-tooth-283.aspx

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