Help! I had a root canal on a bottom molar about two years ago. One year ago, I had terrible toothache with excruciating jaw and ear pain. My dentist redid my root canal and my crown. He said he needed to go further down the canals. My insurance company paid him again. Yesterday afternoon I got another terrible toothache in the same tooth with the same excruciating jaw and ear pain. How is this possible? Once again, it's a holiday weekend and my dentist can't see me until Monday but I don't trust him anymore anyway. I saw my family physician sat a.m. And he prescribed percoset, ibuprofen and clindamycin. I am allergic to penicillin. My tooth hurts more than when I broke my leg even with the medication and I g ave birth twice with no drugs! What should I do. Do I need an endodontist or oral surgeon. How cani get treatment asap? I am desperate! My dentist of four years who performed both procedures and others can't see me until Monday.

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  • Linell haug

    Linell haug 09 - May - 2011, at 20:21 PM

  • Thanks. Saw endodontist today who immediately sent me to oral surgeon for extraction. The abcess had started draining last night which relieved some of the pain. Will be having a bone graft in five weeks and implant in five or six months.

  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 08 - May - 2011, at 01:21 AM

  • If there is pain in re-root canal treated tooth and you want to save this tooth then you have to again get the root canal treatment done in this tooth but the chances of success in this are quite less as prognosis after re-root canal treatment is not good. It is better you get it done from an Endodontist who is specialist for this. But if you want to get it pulled out then you have to schedule a visit with Oral Surgeon. As you have already started with antibiotics, it will take around 3 days for antibiotics to work and control the infection and till then you have take pain killer tabs. So go ahead and schedule a visit to Endodontist. For more info on re-root canal treatment you can read this article...                                                                                                

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