I got my braces removed after wearing the braces for 3 years and now my orthodontist says that I have to wear the retainers otherwise my teeth will be crooked again. I was wondering why I have to wear retainers as now my teeth are absolutely straight and if i have to wear it for how long I have to wear them

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 15 - July - 2011, at 03:17 AM

  • When you take your braces off, what you expect to see in front of you are teeth that are aligned together and in a neat row. There can be nothing more enhancing than to be able to see a row of pearly white teeth.

    But, wait what if after you remove your braces you notice that Teeth Crooked after Braces. You will imagine that this is not at all possible. In the first place, you went ahead and spent so much of time and money wanting to get your teeth straight and in a line.

    Most dentists go on to recommend that after the braces are off one need to wear retainers. However, sadly enough not many dentists insist hard enough that their patients continue to wear retainers. If you don’t do that after the braces are off, there is a likelihood that your teeth might go on to move back in the same direction that they were originally found. This will make your Teeth Crooked after Braces and you might in all actuality actually have to go through the entire braces treatment once again.

    The good thing about wearing retainers is that it won’t allow your teeth to move back to their original place. If you don’t heed this then your teeth will slide back to the exact position that they were in before the dental treatment. This will make the Teeth Crooked after Braces. The thing to keep a note of is that you do need to wear your retainers diligently and consistently if you want your teeth to remain straight and in a row.

    The dentist might recommend that you go ahead and wear your retainers only for a certain point of time but it is a good idea to go on and wear it consistently. The main worry about a person who go in for the treatment is whether at the end of it their teeth will be in a single row. The treatment is one that takes a year or more and is quite expensive. At the end of it, they want to be reassured that their teeth are going to be in a straight line as they have been promised. This is the reason why most often people ask their dentist time and again whether their teeth will appear in a straight row. The best thing to do is to follow what the dentist tells you stringently. Do not eat foods that you aren’t supposed to and follow the wearing of the braces as asked to.

    Another feature to avoid Teeth Crooked after Braces is to go on and make sure that you do wear your retainers as suggested by the dentist. Now, if you have done all and at the end of it still don’t see your teeth in a straight row then what you need to do is to make sure that you bring it to the notice of your dentist.

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