i have found the small growth of skin in my lower right most corner.sir will you please suggest me what i have to do.

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  • dr ritz

    dr ritz 19 - November - 2011, at 03:37 AM

  • If gum is growing on impacted tooth, then the condition is known as pericoronitis. In case of pericoronitis, debridement of area is done and if it recurs, then operculectomy that is removal of flap on impacted tooth is done. Pain in wisdom tooth can be because of decay or some gum infection in relation to the tooth. Wisdom teeth are susceptible to infections as they are the last teeth to come and it is difficult to clean them. You can get your tooth evaluated from dentist. In case of decay or infection in tooth, you can get it pulled out. Wisdom teeth don't aid in mastication and no treatment is required for them. By that time, keep wisdom tooth area clean. If there is swelling present, then you can do warm saline rinses 3-4 times a day.

  • rati

    rati 19 - November - 2011, at 03:16 AM

  • sir i also having similar problem & i have treated for the same by removing that skin growth from gum I have done this 5 years before but now their is a pain on that teeth pls. suggest

  • mandira

    mandira 01 - June - 2011, at 22:35 PM

  • sir its on gums not in cheek n i am sure that it is not because of bite and my last teeth which grows at the age of 19,20 i dont kno what we called that teeth , and just beside my rightmost lower teeth there is a growth of skin so m much worried n now i dont have time to consult any dentist so will u plez help me by suggesting some medicine.n m sorry if m disturbin u...thank you

  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 01 - June - 2011, at 18:26 PM

  • It is not clear from your question whether skin growth is on gums or on inside portion of cheek. If it is on gums then it can be some abscess which is there because of some decayed tooth or gum infection. It can be some ulcer also. If it is on the cheek then it can be because of cheek bite. It is better you go to dentist who will diagnose after examination as it is difficult to comment with clinical exam. For more info on gum problems you can read this article... www.identalhub.com/articlecategory-gum-diseases-9.aspx

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