Hello, I am 20 years old. Honestly, I didnt brushed when I was a kid at all. I started brushing (only in morning) when I was around 13 years old and even then I wasnt cleaning properly at all. When I was 15, dentist told me to have a cleaning done because of the calclus. So now in May I started feeling that my teeth are loose (all of my teeth) and they became sensitive for the first time in my life. So I visited dentist and he cleaned my teeth. He told me because of calclus it is normal for the teeth to become loose. He suggested me to use an astringent for few weeks (I only used it for 5 or 6 days) and told me to use synsodyme for few weeks. In July I was still feeling loose teeth and I visited him again, he told me my teeth are perfect. In Nov again (this month) I visited again and he told me that they are perfect and there is no mobility. I shown him white color hard deposit on my back tooth and he told me that we might need a cleaning again next year. He told me some of my front gum are red, but thats because of little white deposit and I shown brush regularly. Regarding the mobility, he told me he can not see any movement at all. But I am sure they do move slightly because I brushed my teeth with an electric oral b 5000 power toothbrush (which costed me around $200) for 3 times in total and I felt that my teeth became very loose. If I floss I think movement increases. If I mouthrinse with oral b mouthwash having Hydrogen peroxide, I think movement increases. if I use whitestrips, I think movement increases as well. What should I do about this slight movement (which I think increases by using electric toothbrush/floss/mouthwash/whitening strips) which my dentist thinks there is no movement at all. Also, I asked him if I am possible victim of grinding, he simply answered to buy a night guard... I suspect I am night grinding because when I wake up in morning, my law is like locked, if I move, it makes sound in morning. Please help.

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  • dr ritz

    dr ritz 10 - November - 2011, at 23:33 PM

  • Mark, Pain in your front teeth can be because of teeth grinding or teeth clenching. Some people are in habit of grinding their teeth both in the morning and at night. Main reason of clenching of teeth is stress or anxiety. Clenching of teeth can cause tooth wear to occur and because of tooth wear, you might be having pain and sensitivity in your front teeth. If there is bone loss present or in case swelling of gums or to constrict gum tissues astringent can be used. If you have gaps between teeth, then you can get braces treatment to treat them or can get invisaligns for gaps to close. If gaps are very small, then dental retainers or dental bonding with composite material can be done. Dental luminners, veneers or dental crowns can also be given to patient to close the gaps between teeth. If there was impacted wisdom tooth present, then it can cause slight movement of front teeth. Use of ultrasonic tooth brushing doesn’t cause movement or loosening of teeth. Electric tooth brushing, flossing, mouthwash will remove the deposits from teeth and will cause gums to hold the tooth structure firmly. Initially you might feel some looseness due to calculus and tartar removal with use of electric tooth brush which later regresses. Mouth guards when given will reduce the biting forces and prevent damage to teeth and surrounding tissues. It will prevent damage to TMJ and will also stabilize the occlusion. Refer to your dentist for definite diagnosis and treatment. For teeth grinding, get a custom made mouth guard and reduce your anxiety levels.

  • Mark

    Mark 10 - November - 2011, at 23:33 PM

  • ah, one more point. My upper tooth which is in left of the tooth (the tooth which is a little above in alignment in relation to other teeth) , if I move it, it makes a clicking sound... and sometimes many of my teeth gets struck in a wrong position, so I have to press them a little and they get in right position and makes a clicking sound, si this normal?

  • Mark

    Mark 10 - November - 2011, at 06:43 AM

  • Sorry, I forgot to mention some points again, I just keep remembering some points here and there... When I said I am in a habit of clenching/grinding teeth in a day, I didnt meant I keep doing it whole day, some some sec here and there. Also, my teeth alingment looks ok, it isnt much bad, only one tooth upper right one, is "above" the normal alightment. Below this tooth there is no tooth.

  • Mark

    Mark 10 - November - 2011, at 06:25 AM

  • Hello, Thank you for your reply.I forgot to mention the following information: 1. I feel pain as well in my front teeths when I try to put pressure or try to press themselves. Sometimes even when I dont put any pressure on them. 2. Will using astringent will be beneficial to me? 3. I do not have any artificial stuff like "traumatic bite" 4. I am in a habit of clenching the front teeh even in day, not sure, but it just feels good to put pressure on them.. Also I keep try moving the teeth by using my fingers as well. 5. If I start using mouthguard (can we use it in a day as well (except for eating/drinking)), then will this movement go away? 6. There is a slight gap between my front top teeth. The gap isnt really much, just enough to slide the two or three floss. There is some gap in my starting few back teeth because of that I cant eat chillis because they get struck in teeth anbd I have to use tooth stick to remove them. 7. Very important: In May 2011 I used the eletric toothbrush for first time (this oral b 5000, rotates very fast and is quite harsh as well). I used it for 2 days and I noticed the movement in my teeth. So I went to dentist, he told me that my wisdom tooth is coming as well and then needs cleaning. So thats why I think somehow wisdom tooth/or electric toothbrush contributed to the movement. OR Do I feel more movement after using mouthwash/floss/electric because they remove the plaque? I really appreciate that you replied to my question. Thank you again Mark

  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 10 - November - 2011, at 03:39 AM

  • Loosening of teeth can occur because of gum infections in relation to teeth, trauma to teeth or can occur because of some systemic conditions. Teeth grinding or bruxism, malocclusion can also lead to loosening of teeth from tooth socket. Gum infections can occur because of plaque and calculus deposits in relation to teeth and can cause teeth to become mobile. If there is some missing tooth present, then adjacent teeth will tend to move towards the missing tooth space and patient might feel that his teeth are getting loose. Your teeth might be slightly loose and looseness of teeth not be clinically appreciated. If loosening of teeth is because of gum infections, then maintain good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing regularly. Use a mouth wash to reduce number of bacteria in mouth. Mobility of teeth is not aggravated by electronic tooth brush or use of mouthwash and floss. They are mechanical and chemical aids which prevent mobility of teeth by removing the deposits around teeth and further make gums hold teeth firmly. You might be feeling that your teeth are getting loose because of habit of clenching of teeth. Clenching of teeth or grinding of teeth can occur because of stress or some traumatic bite present. If traumatic bite is present, then your dentist can correct it. You need to reduce your stress or anxiety levels to avoid grinding of teeth. In case of grinding of teeth, mouth guard is given to the patient to relax the jaw muscles and to avoid any damage to teeth. Bruxism causes jaw pain, headache, sensitivity of teeth and causes facial pain and can also lead to looseness of teeth. If you are in habit of clenching, then visit your dentist and get custom made mouth guard. If there is some misalignment present in relation to teeth, then get it corrected.  Locked jaw, clicking sounds on opening and closing jaws which you experience in morning are Temporomandibular joint problem which can occur because of grinding of teeth.  For more info on teeth grinding, refer to… http://www.identalhub.com/article_what-is-bruxism-9.aspx

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