I had a filling done 2 hours ago and now all of the sudden two of my teeth, which have nothing to do with the filling hurt. I had gum pain before in the area of the tooth that is now filled, but now my gums around these two other teeth hurt and it hurts a lot actually. What should I do, since the dentist is closed until Monday?

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  • Orda

    Orda 30 - October - 2011, at 09:43 AM

  • Oh thanks a lot, I took the painkillers and I'm fine now :). Thank you

  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 30 - October - 2011, at 05:09 AM

  • Pain after 2 hours of filling in some other teeth can be either the teeth are already infected or they have a referred pain. sometimes after getting the filling, when the filling is deep there is pain in the teeth which are filled and this pain can be referred to other teeth. If it is so the taking some pain killer will help you and this pain will go away in 2-3 days. But if other teeth which are having pain are also carious then may be they are infected and pain is due to that. You have to go to dentist to get it diagnosed if the pain does not settle down in 2-3 days. Till then take pain killer tab sos and maintain good oral hygiene and for gums you can do massage with some good gum pain available otc. For more info on pain after dental fillings you can read this article... http://www.identalhub.com/dental-types-of-tooth-pain-after-dental-filling-814.aspx

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