hi, im a 32 yr old female who had a root canal on my right front tooth when i was 21, they replaced the tooth with a porcelain crown i believe. The problem is last week i noticed it was getting loose and now it is more loose and i can hear the cement cracking. I have been careful not to bite down or eat on that side of my mouth. I need to know what am i facing? I dont have dental insurance anymore and dont know what to do. Im scared its gonna come off like real soon. What should i do or not do? I try my best not to move it with my tongue. How much typically would it cost to fix it, and also what would the procedure be? will it be painful? I have panic attacks at the dentist from a bad experience i had when i was younger. I have found one dentist im comfortable with but again i dont have insurance so i dont know if she would do the work and put me on a payment plan for the balance. Any information would be helpful. Im scared and thats just being honest.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 17 - May - 2011, at 20:13 PM

  • If the tooth in question is badly decayed and cannot be saved, only then the crown can not be given otherwise the present crown can be removed by sectioning it and then decayed part is filled. Now you tooth is ready to be fitted with another new crown. This is what is routinely done by us in the clinics. If the upper part of tooth on which crown is fitted is badly decayed then we go for post and core and above that new crown is given. The option of bridge, implant or partial denture is given to patient only if the roots are badly decayed and is mobile and tooth cannot be saved. If you are indecisive then you can take second opinion from a different dentist.

  • pamela

    pamela 17 - May - 2011, at 11:49 AM

  • Hi i just came from gettn a xray done i found a place in my hometown that do them for 25.00, well what he found was decay behind the crown(the tooth is my right front tooth) and on the back of the tooth he said it still looked a little fine on the front he also told me the crown cant be replaced that i would have to do a partial removable denture, bridge fixed denture, or dental implant on that tooth he said another crown fitting would not be avaliable for me. My question now is that true?or can i actually get a new fitted crown, he said the partial runs 250.00 the other two options will cost me 1,500-1,600. keep in mind im not eating good right now due to the looseness of the current crown. he said the xray shows i may not have long b4 it completely falls off. would a dentist fit me for another crown or is he just money hungry, i dont have ins and im currently unemployeed in your practice which would u reccommend i do, i know ur not not doc and cant give me direct answers but ur opinion i really need. can i be fixed?

  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 13 - May - 2011, at 19:48 PM

  • If the dental crown is loose then you have to  visit a dentist and check whether the same can be refixed or not. If the crown is damaged due to wearing which is normal then you have to go for the new crown which will cost you around $600 - $1000 but if it has just come out can be refixed then it will cost you around $50-$100. Getting the crowns fixed is not painful. In case it can be refixed then it is just fixed with dental cement and does not involve anything else and in case it is to be new then also moulds are made and no dental pain work is involved. For more info on dental crown problems you can read this article and there are many more articles on crowns which will be helpful... www.identalhub.com/article_procedure-for-crown-placement-270.aspx

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