over 5 years now i am having this problem of bad breath. even when i brush my teeth at times it still stinks. it has impeded my social life and people even call me names. i really want to get rid of this problem..

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  • Patty

    Patty 10 - May - 2011, at 14:01 PM

  • Even when i use mouthwashes listerine it is still there.. THIS IS A HUGE PROBLEM AND I NEED O SOLVE IT HELP ME PLEASE

  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 10 - May - 2011, at 10:12 AM

  • Before getting the treatment you should know the cause of the bad breath. Normally it is because of the poor oral hygiene or it can be because of deposits on the tongue. You should get the 6 monthly cleaning done from the dentist and maintain very good oral hygiene by brushing twice and regular flossing. Along with this tongue cleaning is very important. You can use some good antimicrobial mouth wash also. for more info on bad breath you can read this aritlcle which will help you in coping up with bad breath.  www.identalhub.com/article_how-to-prevent-and-treat-bad-breath-264.aspx


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