I am a female, 21 years of age. I have a hereditary problem where I have missing permanent teeth under 6 of my deciduous teeth. Before my orthodontist put braces on me, he pulled out 6 of my deciduous teeth as through as X ray, he could tell that they were weak and the roots were not really firm/stable. 1 deciduous tooth was pulled out in the top right part of my mouth, and another 1 at the bottom right part of my mouth. Both of them are at the same location if you count from the mid line of my mouth. 2 other teeth were pulled out from the top left part of my mouth and another 2 right below it, on the lower jaw. My doctor told me that I have to get 2 implants put in on the upper and lower left side of the jaw (where 4 teeth were pulled out) as the gap cannot be closed by just braces. Well, technically it’s possible but the midline would shift, causing my smile to be ugly. In conclusion, I want to know if it is worth investing so much money in the 2 implants. Should I just have a bridge done? My doctor says it will be a waste as the rest of my teeth are so perfect. What should I do? My braces will be off in July and I do not want to have the 2 gaps empty for long. Alternatively, would it be ok if I asked my doctor to close up the gap in the lower jaw and have an implant in the upper jaw? Would my teeth look weird? Please advice. Thanks a million.

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  • Harold Tribble

    Harold Tribble 26 - July - 2011, at 11:10 AM

  • Hello, do anyone here have a dental plan or know of a plan that cover braces for a 17 y/o child, that I can live with when the dental work is done? The internet have been overwhelming with very little results. Your Thoughts

  • Miss Jenny

    Miss Jenny 02 - September - 2010, at 00:00 AM

  • Your roots are probably too near to your teeth. The first step will be teeth extraction, typically 2-4 teeth. It hurts only a little and you have a couple of weeks rest while the gums heal. As for the braces, the brace application itself does not hurt, but it does hurt quite a bit when your powerchain goes in. Your mouth will take about 2-3 weeks to adapt to the pressure. Next, the ortho will use bands to pull back your canines(usually) After that, you'll feel uncomfortable everytime they tighten your powerchain, or when you change the powerchain. It should be OK after 1-2 days. The last stage will be the shortest, but most uncomfortable, where you apply the rubber bands. Well, the orthodontist will probably apply rubber bands on your teeth to pull them out a little (make them look longer) . You'll have to wear it while you sleep.

  • simi

    simi 01 - September - 2010, at 23:59 PM

  • I had a big gap and its closed a lot., but now if my teeth are pushed together at all it hurts soo! bad. like my teeth are knives being pushed through my gums... im really concerned about how bad its gonna hurt when theyre tightened and how to lessen the pain.. my teeth are really small and my dentist said something about doing something about that when i started braces.. what will he do?? cap them or something?? and i forget to brush my teeth a lot... like ill only do it once a day most of the time... when i get them off will it be different colored? how hard is it to get rid of that? or if hes gonna cap them or something is it that big of a deal?

  • mary

    mary 30 - August - 2010, at 22:08 PM

  • Hmmm.. I have the hereditary problem too,after my milk teeth were gone, the newer ones came but they were not straight, one behind and other in front, i went to the dentist and got braces , it was treatment for around one and a half year , wen it was over , my teeth got straight but the problem was that within few months my lower and upper jaw were slightly behind or say backwards from the actual position, due to which my chin seems to be inside and upper lips also like a hole in the ground. I want to ask if There is a treatment so that my teeth come in front a little bit, they are too inside, when I smile my lower teeth are not visible, can you help me out plz , thank you!

  • Pauline

    Pauline 01 - March - 2010, at 18:40 PM

  • thanks for your speedy reply.I feel that your suggestion to close up the lower gap and put an implant in the upper gap is very useful.Infact,I am considering doing so.Your great service has put my mind at ease and I now know what's best for me.Thanks so much and have a good weekend

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