My boyfriend has just got his braces on. I do not intend no hurt, but he experiences a lot of pain when I kiss him. Is this natural or is there some problem with his braces. Can you guide us?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 30 - November - 2010, at 04:23 AM


    Another general anxiety some individuals have is that of getting their brackets hit hard when they try to kiss someone. This unfortunate circumstance can be averted by simply being cautious. In addition, you do not desire to hit teeth – as the case is when you do not have brackets! But there are some points that we suggest in order to reduce your risk of braces- induced kissing drama.
    Some Tips for Kissing :
    Try not to kiss someone who has just fixed their braces on. Their dentitions will be soft, and it might be really painful to kiss them in this condition. Keep waiting about thirty days after they get the braces put on and they settle down.
    Soft kiss is advisable. This is an excelling suggestion anyway. Approach slowly and then kiss close mouth first. You can execute French model kissing after you kiss them slowly for some time. It might be risky to go directly for the French model kiss if you have got braces in your cavity.
    Try not to be afraid! This is one of the excellent suggestions we can provide. Just relax and try not to anxious about it. Some individuals really think of kissing someone with brackets as something that is really hot, like to kiss with a tongue ring.
    Care your tongue while kissing. You do not have to avert the brackets totally; simply go on carefully till you know here the pointed positions are. This compulsory, gradual exploration can really be an appealing thing!
    Dental fax plays an important role in kissing with braces. Normally the individual can wrap sharp areas, in generous quantities of silicone or dental wax, before planning a kiss.
    If there are more hard pointed areas, tell your partner that the dental specialist can unravel them without affecting the brackets.
    Bear in mind that in the first 30 days of having brackets, the individual will be sore and tender. Be especially attentive and gentle. Memorize that every kiss cannot be cent percent, do not spell on yourself if you make an error.
    Caution: Try not to push too strong because you can destroy their lips, and they might lose enthusiasm in kissing during the brace days. So be careful!!!

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