what you are going to do for a 7-year old patient with non vital central incisor

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  • salman

    salman 01 - December - 2010, at 15:25 PM

  • thank you for your comment on my qeustion

  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 30 - November - 2010, at 19:56 PM

  • the treatment in case of 7 year old depends upon the dental age of the child that is when the adult central incisor has erupted and at what time the tooth became nonvital. In 7 year old the root will not be completed and if we go for root canal treatment we will not be able to fill the canal properly as the apex of the root will be wide open and may be inverted. So in that case after clearing the canal and preparing it we go for the procedure called as apexification which is done normally by using some preparation of CaOH. It initiates the formation of root causing its closure. We keep on recalling the patien and when we are confirmed that apex closure is there the canals are obturated with gutta purcha. This procedure is called as Apexification. For more info on children dentistry you can visit the following link     www.identalhub.com/dental-looking-after-children-teeth-535.aspx

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