I was punched and as a result #9 central incisor was lost and #10 lateral incisor was moved to the back. This occurred on a saturday night. On tuesday evening #10 was pushed back into place and braced with a metal wire. It is not yet 100% sure that this tooth will survive. #8 also shows a slight sign of possible trauma appearing as a crack on the x-ray, but this is not 100% conclusive. I have no pain. Surrounding bones seem to all be fine. Specialist A advises to pull both #8 and #10 put two implants and bridge #9. As he feels that #10 has a very small chance of survival due to future root resorption and feels that two adjacent implants will not look natural and thus require additional gum and bone reconstruction. Specialist B advises to wait one month as he feels #10 has been pushed back in place correctly and has a chance to survive with a root canal treatment, however cannot be conclusive with #8 as there seems to be crack on that one. However he strongly suggests to give these teeth some time to show if they will deteriorate and go ahead with an implant on #9. If in the future #8 and or #10 should die out, those can also then be implanted and there should be no concern of aesthetics. He is against placing a bridge as in his opinion bone resorption is most likely to occur at #9. My question therefore is, will 2 or 3 implants indeed be aesthetically very bad and is it thus advisable to take the advice of specialist A, or should I try first to keep my natural teeth and go ahead with specialist B and not be concerned about aesthetics?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 03 - February - 2012, at 02:32 AM

  • Trauma to teeth can lead to displacement and fall of teeth. If natural teeth can be saved, then better save them. For your missing tooth #9, you can get dental implants. Bone grafting may also be required if bone resorption has occurred. If tooth #10 can be saved with endodontic therapy, then better save the natural tooth. If tooth #10 deteriorates later and needs to be removed, then  it can be extracted and can be replaced with dental implants. If tooth number #8 is cracked, then it can be treated. If there is crack line on cervical portion of tooth or in case of vertical crack line, tooth needs to be removed. Otherwise cracked tooth can be saved. If cracked tooth can’t be saved, then it can be removed and can be replaced with dental implants. Aesthetics will not be compromised with dental implants. Dental implants are best option for replacement of missing teeth. If natural teeth can be saved, then it is always better to save natural biologic tooth rather than getting dental implants. For more info on dental implants, visit……   http://www.identalhub.com/article_how-the-implants-are-placed-172.aspx

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