I have crowding in my upper front teeth. I went to a dentist who suggested me to go for braces treatment. He told me that apart from conventional braces, damon braces are also available which are more convenient. Can u plz tell me more about the demon braces and their advantages over conventional braces?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 03 - August - 2011, at 04:25 AM

  • When you opt to wear Damon Braces rather than the other different kinds of braces, you opt to bring yourself several tons of benefits. This will be in the form of getting yourself one of the most fantastically effective and convenient braces that are there around to get your teeth straight. Another feature of Damon Braces is that they are extremely convenient for the wearer and this goes on to give them an edge over the other braces. Also, they are extremely different than what you will get in the form of conventional braces that are made of metal or ceramic. They are far more discreet and not to be seen right on. They work not only in a far more effective and impactful way but also ensure that you are able to see the effect of it much more faster on your teeth than you would with conventional braces on.

    The other benefit that you get when you have Damon Braces on is that they don’t hurt or make your mouth and gums go sore. After the initial time of a little bit of discomfort, you will tend to completely forget that you do have the Damon Braces on you.

    The dentist will let you know of the foods that you need to avoid in order to make certain that you do make the best of Damon Braces and get the most optimized results ever.

    You need to enquire with your dentist whether you will benefit from the use of Damon Braces. If that is not the case then your dentist might advice you to use other braces such as invisalign.

    Damon Braces are extremely comfortable to wear and after a while you will absolutely forget that you have them on your teeth. They are made in such a way that you will find it easy to eat and speak with them in your mouth.

    The treatment does not take as long with Damon Braces as it would with the other braces on your teeth. That means that within no time will you be able to get yourself a great looking smile.

    The only flip side to Damon Braces is that they are a wee bit more expensive when compared to the more conventional braces.  Many people have found out for themselves that the use of Damon Braces is certainly far better than any other braces that they can have. They come with no ligatures to them and far more smaller brackets which not only make them extremely convenient but also invisible to the others around  you.

    A thing that you might want to keep in mind when you opt for Damon Braces is that not all dental insurances make a payout for them. Therefore, it is a good idea to check with your orthodontist and dental insurance company about Damon Braces before you opt for them.

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