My front two tooth are yellow, If you kindly brief me how to clean my teeth. the reason I know is that when I was child I ate TETRACYCLINE capsules. second I do use snuff and after snuffing my mouth is bleeding and I don't know the point of bleeding. When ever I use brushing my teeth, my mouth is bleeding that time too. when I wake up at morning i have a very bad taste in my mouth and some times there is small dots of blood on my clothes which come from my mouth. I will be thankful to you providing me the treatment descriptions Abdul Salam

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 29 - March - 2011, at 19:17 PM

  • The treatment for yellow stains caused by tetracycline staining is go for bleaching or go for veneers. The bleaching option in these kinds of stains is only possible only if the stains are mild but if they are severe then it is better to go for veneers to get best results. In your case it looks like that along with tetracycline staining you have bad oral hygiene also which is causing bleeding of gums. So before going for any treatment for staining you must get the proper cleaning done from dentist to treat the bleeding gums. For more info on staining of teeth you can read this article....

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