So last night my husband was watching tv with me and then all of a sudden he was curled in a ball crying and holding his mouth. His face was not swollen or anything it just hurt really bad and i was really scared cause i mean hello what 22 year old man starts crying over a tooth a tooth ache unless its really bad. well he put some aspirin on it and it stopped. he went to work this morning completly fine. he is a farm hand and he was at work 11 hours outside the whole time and it was about 90 here. he was fine all day till about 20 mins before he came home and then he started feeling really sick i checked his temp when he got home and it was 101.5 i gave him some advil it went down he was feeling better and 4 hours later his stomach started hurting.the fever was coming back. he took some tyonal and we went to bed and about an hour later he woke up puking. right before he got sick he was sweating after it stopped.he is sleeping now and it feels like his temp is down. i am kinda scared to go to sleep with him like this. does this sound like an infection in his tooth could have reptured or be leaking or more like heat exhaustion ? oh and today his tooth has not hurt him at all

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 01 - July - 2011, at 08:45 AM

  • If he had acute pain in tooth, it can be tooth infection but if it had been tooth infection, the pain is normally when you lie down and it normally does not subside with Asprin application. Patient can feel feverish due to tooth infection but the fever is not that high. So it can be some other systomic problem. It is better you go to physican and get him checked. If it is acute tooth pain then most likely it is tooth abscess. For more info on tooth abscess you can read this article...

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