Its been six months since I had my front top tooth removed. I have been wearing a partial clip on like tooth that my dentist made . The begining of this week I have felt massive pain in my jaws.Massive migraines and pressure. Almost like an over clinched feeling even when open. Friday night after brushing and mouthwash I noticed it was irrated looking. I touched the top of the gums where the tooth would have been and pus shot out at the extraction site. I have been having severe migraines, along with the overly clinched feeling. When the pus was finished the pressure on that part of the gum was gone, but it keeps coming back and swelling and pus will drain when touched or pushed on. What should I do, and what could this be?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 21 - November - 2011, at 02:27 AM

  • Pain, headaches and pus can be because of food accumulates under flipper. Gum infections or clips of partial dentures impinging on gums can also lead to pus formation and pain. Flippers may have become loose after full extraction socket healing and food deposits below flippers can result in pus. Gum infection around extracted tooth can lead to pus formation. If flippers are not kept clean, then also infection can occur. You can remove the flippers and do warm saline rinses for swelling to reside. If you feel that partials have become loose, then you can get them replaced. If the clips are impinging on gums or are extremely tight, then you can get them corrected from your dentist. Maintain good oral hygiene and make sure that there are no deposits around teeth and keep the partials clean.  Flippers are temporary structures and it is better to get dental implants or dental bridges for replacement of missing tooth. For more info on missing teeth replacement options, refer to….

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