My teeth have a disfigured shape. I am really not willing to wear braces, but have to!!! I have heard that even braces are available in different colors and I can still have white teeth. Can you give me some tips for choosing the braces so that my teeth look white?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 05 - December - 2010, at 02:45 AM

  • There are many ways for tooth whitening. Teeth can be whitened at home or in dental office. However for best results, the professional teeth whitening done by a dentist is considered to be best. If your teeth are not very bad and just need mild things, then you can also try from home teethwhitening remedies. For this you can read this article...

  • hina

    hina 02 - December - 2010, at 22:18 PM

  • how to make my teeth white

  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 30 - November - 2010, at 04:32 AM

  • I keep getting lots of quires when individuals enroll for a dental braces procedure. One of the general queries that are inquired is how to make teeth look really white. If you are a teen then it can be an excellent plan to use colored brackets. They not only make your teeth wither but also go about and make the procedure more thrilling. There is a vast array of braces colors to select from. Memorize that the color you select fits your teeth and personality, as you will have to use these special brackets for the next one or three years. If you are not certain which brackets color will make your teeth look white then consult with the dental expert and ask for a color wheel. This will provide you a right enough outline of the attainable colors that you could select from.

    Memorize the color of your teeth in mind. The color of teeth varies from person to person. If your teeth carry that yellow tint then there would not be many shades that would look excellent on them. For yellow shade teeth the excelling color for brackets is silver. The strong shades on the brackets make the yellow teeth look whiter. This is one simple application to memorize when selecting your colored brackets. Black brackets are considered as one of the common color for braces. Verify the black ones first before you select. Check other shades that are equally as excelling as black such as maroon and strong blue. The contrast that they make, of the strong colors against the light teeth make your teeth look crystal white.
    The shade that you must avoid on your brackets is yellow. This will make teeth look more yellow rather than making them look whiter. When you select clear brackets be cautious as they can get stained quickly and mirror that shade on to your teeth.
    Another excelling shade that you could choose for your brackets is red. This color makes the teeth look far brighter. Nevertheless, this color mightn´t fit all faces. Certain food products also discolor your brackets. For more information on color of  braces you can browse following link in our website


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