Hello, hopefully you can help me. I went to a student dentist and I was told that I have a cavity under a filling. The cavity did't look big on the x-ray picture.She drilled and said that now I don't have enough tooth structure and need a crown. post@core and because I need post@core I need a root canal. She scared me because I thought that I will have a filling put in and all of a sudden I need so much work. She started a root canal and I think she chipped my tooth then said she filed it so I don't fructure it. My question is do I really need a post@core? to me it looks like I have enough tooth structure for just a crown.I am worried because I am afraid that she drilled to much and makes all that up so she can practice on me.Please let me know. I know you can't say much without a picture but at least if you can tell me how much tooth structure is needed to have a filling and and how much tooth structure neededto have a crown without post@core. Can I have a filling done now if she did a root canal and left space for a post. Also how long can I go with a temporary white filling?Thank you Ana

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 04 - January - 2012, at 01:20 AM

  • Secondary decay can occur below dental filling. If secondary decay occurs below dental filling and nerve of the tooth is exposed, then root canal treatment is required for the tooth. In root canal treatment, the infectious and necrotic portion of tooth is removed and is replaced with filling material. After root canal treatment, tooth becomes brittle so to provide strength to the root canal treated tooth and to hide discoloration which may occur after root canal treatment, dental crown is given. Decision to give post and core is dependent on amount of tooth structure which is lost. If sufficient amount of tooth structure is left above gum line (More than 2/3 of tooth structure above gum line) and small access cavity is prepared, then there is no need to place post in root canal. Metal or fiber posts are available and are prefabricated and are cemented in root canal. Tooth structure is then built up over it with composite or amalgam and then dental crown is given over it. Post will provide support for dental crown. If root canal treatment has been started, then your dentist will complete the root canal procedure. After Root canal procedure completion, some of gutta percha is removed from root canal leaving 5mm of gutta percha inside and then with reamer, root canal is enlarged to receive a post. If cleaning and shaping of canals is done, then you have to get root canal permanent filling also done. With temporary white filling for long time, the tooth can get infected. Without clinical examination, it is difficult to determine whether you require post and core or not. You can take an opinion from a second dentist if you want. For more info on post and core, visit……    http://www.identalhub.com/article_procedure-for-post-and-core-281.aspx

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