My daughter is 17 and for some reason she does not have a lot of enamel on any of her teeth. Her second teeth came up that way, and now they have a lot of discoloration. I have taken her to dentists before and they have all said to wait until she is older. I would appreciate any advice or which path to take so I can get her teeth fixed some how. She starts college next year and doesn't think she can study any thing that she really wants to because any of the things she would like to be ,deals with people and dosen't feel she will be able to get a job in any of the fields she would love because of her teeth. Thank you so much for taking the to respond to my query.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 19 - September - 2010, at 19:59 PM

  • Some people they have this problem and it is called as the hypoplasia of the enamel. But she need not lose confidence because of this as so many treatments are available depeding upon the extent of discoloration. Now she is old enough to get the treatment. She can go for lamination , veneers  or crowns. This your dentist will decide after seeing the extent of the the loss of the enamel. for more info on cosmetic dentistry you can visit the following

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