I had a full mouth recon. My mouth had alot of infection & I am prone to infection. My DDS stated he would see to my medical needs. My DDS also stated he quaranteed his crowns. I kept complaining of pain & gross swelling from my eye into neck with fevers & bleeding from my kidneys. My DDS shrugged it off as grinding, I'm not a grinder. My DDS didn't have a panoramic x-ray so I saw a colleague of his. At first he refused to look at it but when he did it was too late on a holiday weekend for an Endodontist. When he opened the crown it was necrotic. He sealed the new crown. 3 more times it swelled from my eye into my neck. All RCT's were necrotic. He did not believe in using antibiotics for for necrotic RCT's because they could make a person immune to a plague. One time the crown broke & without cleaning it he angrily slathered a rough substance over it. You could see the debris under the rough substance. I was rapidly losing weight & becoming weak. My DDS said it was fine & that it had to just settle down. I saw another DDS & he said my recon was improperly placed resulting in TMD & I had other untreated abscesses under my new recon. I asked my DDS for my free crown replacement. His wife said I would never receive that free crown. On the day (a day my DDS's should have been closed)of final impressions my DDS said he had to first check the molar for infection. NECROTIC AGAIN. I asked for my file to see another DDS but my DDS said he had to first teach me a lesson for making a fool out of him by seeing another DDS. Also for being rude to him but mostly to his staff. (RUDE was when I would ask questions & my DDS would reply, (don't be rude or I will take back my recon...You don't deserve it!)He injected my gum with a small syringe with a blue liquid. As he blew off the crown with his drill it ricocheted thru out my mouth. He drilled for over 2 hours till my mouth filled with blood & the office smelled of burnt matter. He told me the molar was gone once & for all. He said it was furcated. He asked his asst for a post but no post was used. He filled the necrotic void with metal amalgam & jammed a temp crown on it. He told me I was going to be in a lot of pain. He RX'd a narcotic pain reliever (the 1st one thru out my painful 2 yr reconstruction that he never finished.) My DDS did not have a control substance license for over 2 yrs. My DDS wrote in my file that once he underfilled my molar. After that he wrote he could not get the gutta-percha out & accidently drilled thru my molar. I saw perios, oral surgeons, endos & prosthos. No one could help me. The prostho & oral surgeon reported him & wanted him picked up. My DDS was away for a few weeks but he told authorities that I or another DDS did this to me. I was so sick I cart crashed in emergency. I ended up on life support with septic shock bleeding internally, with renal & respiratory failure. My son was told I would die. I lived but at 5'7" & 83lbs my surgery failed due to malnutrition. All my internal organs relocated outside my body. I had ileus..my intestines flipped over my stomach & my colon was protruding out my navel. I was vommitting my own feces. No one could fix me & I was left to die till a DR Soper Northwestern Mem Hosp Chgo. 2 yrs & 2 wks before surgery my incision reopen from intra abdominal abscess spewing pus. I had to cleanse & pack the hole twice a day for 2 wks to keep it open. I was DR Soper's largest repair (my incision is from my navel to my thorax. I had strictures & adhesions. Again I was lucky to be alive. My question...Is this the way an intentionally furcated molar is treated? I thought sealing a furcated necrotic molar with metal amalgam was only used on dogs that are going to die in dental school. DDS's did nothing except to charge me 2-3 times the quoted consult fee, write RX's for MRI's, radiographs & MRSA tests. 1 DDS examined me while seated on an exam table with a floor lamp. There was no dentist's chair in the room. I paid him the quoted consult fee & he says he's going to sue me. None of them RX'd antibiotics. Rapidly loosing weight again my crowns & bridges were breaking off at the gum. I now had 3 abscesses besides the molar my DDs intentionally destroyed. My oral surgeon stated my teeth were either intentionally left decayed or improperly prepped. One of my extracted molars had an abscess attached to the root. He called the staff over to see it. I lost over $50,000.00 in dental bills & hundreds of thousands in medical bills. I thank God for the DDS who referred me to my oral surgeon. He RX'd 2 wks antibiotics before my first oral surgery appt. I now have a beautiful new smile. Nothing like that idiot DDS who filed down my recon till it collapsed. "You are going to look worse than the first day you walked in my door." "You'll have teeth but you will look like you don't have them in...THOOTHLESS!" He called me "GRAMMAW, where's your corncob pipe?" He left the corners of my mouth to accumulate a white subs

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 20 - August - 2011, at 01:21 AM

  • I am sorry to hear what happened to you.  Nobody would ever do this intentionally. I don’t think a dentist who has done a degree would intentionally cause damage to your tooth. The dentist must have taken an ethical oath after completing his degree to work for the benefit of the patients then why would he intentionally do that.  Whatever happened is a bad experience and we do sympathize with you but it’s hard to believe that a dentist with a degree can do this. It must have been a night mare for you but no dentist would ever even think of causing harm to his patients. It is difficult to comment on it.


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