How do I tell the extent of the damage to the teeth? Two of my teeth have rotted a hole down to the gums. Would they need to be removed or could they be filled? They give me some pain now and again like one side of my jaw is sore.(they are both on the same side of my mouth.) If needing filling or pulling how much would it cost? Thank you.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 28 - December - 2011, at 03:57 AM

  • If teeth have rotted down to gums and no tooth structure is left, then tooth extraction will be required. If there is not much of tooth access, then surgical tooth extraction will be done in which cut is given on gums and tooth will be pulled out after tooth sectioning and sutures/stitches will be given after tooth extraction. Cost of tooth extraction varies from dentist to dentist and varies from place to place. Cost of simple tooth extraction is $100-$150 per tooth and a cost of surgical tooth extraction is $150-$200 per tooth. After tooth extraction, you can get the missing tooth replaced with dental implants or dental bridge. Missing teeth if not replaced will lead to misalignment of other teeth and will lead to supraeruption of teeth of opposite arch and will further cause periodontal problems. Dental implants will cost round $4000 per tooth and cost of dental bridge will be $550-$1100 per tooth depending on whether it is Porcelain Bridge, PFM dental bridge or metallic dental bridge. Dental implants are best option for missing tooth replacement. If some of tooth structure is still left, then tooth can be restored with composite filling, Root canal treatment and dental crown or root canal treatment, post and core and dental crown. Cost of composite dental filling is $100-$300 per tooth depending on the number of surfaces which are involved. Cost of root canal treatment is $550-$1000 per tooth depending on whether it is front tooth or back tooth. After clinical and radiographic examination, your dentist can decide that whether extraction is required or tooth can be restored. Pain in mouth and jaw can be because of infected rotten teeth. Get treatment done for infected teeth before pain aggravates and cause complications. By the time you visit your dentist; you can avoid eating from that side of tooth and keep that area clean to avoid any secondary infections. For more info on tooth extraction cost, refer to…..

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