Crack in root of tooth. Never was told to put a cap on tooth to protect it from USC. it has a crack 9mm deep. I was told you cannot save the tooth, must come out, or more infections will come and also can ruin other teeth. I am in a little pain now, and I guess next month have it removed. what is your answer. bg

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 21 - December - 2011, at 05:54 AM

  • By root canal therapy, roots of the tooth can become brittle and can fracture on chewing which can lead to root canal failure. Dental crown is given on root canal treated tooth to avoid fracture on tooth on chewing. Vertical root fracture occurs on root canal treated tooth mostly. Prognosis is very bad in such cases and tooth extraction is required. Cracked root can lead to infection in the tooth and if the infected tooth is not removed, then infection can spread to soft tissue, bone and adjacent teeth too. If prognosis of tooth is poor and tooth can’t be saved, then you can get extraction done. After tooth extraction, you can get the missing tooth replaced with dental implants or dental bridge. Dental implants are best option for replacement of missing teeth. By the time, you get the treatment done for the cracked tooth; you can avoid eating from side of affected tooth.  For more info on cracked tooth, refer to….

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