My very back upper right tooth cracked from front to back and my dentist removed the lose half. I am out of insurance money until the new year and it does not hurt so I have been waiting to do anything. My dentist recommended a root canal AND a crown. I would rather pull it than go the the expense and hassle of fixing it. What are the negative issues with pulling?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 12 - November - 2011, at 00:24 AM

  • If a tooth can be saved by root canal treatment and dental crown, then better save the tooth than getting it pulled. If you get your tooth pulled out and don’t replace your missing tooth, then it can lead to misalignment of teeth, chewing problems, periodontal complications and may lead to loosening of all teeth in future. Teeth adjacent to missing tooth will have tendency to move towards the missing tooth and will affect the alignment of teeth. So if a tooth is pulled out, then it needs to get replaced with either dental implants or dental bridges. From cost perspective, getting root canal treatment and dental crown for tooth will be cheaper than getting the tooth pulled out and replacing it with dental implants or dental bridges. So in my opinion, you should save your fractured tooth with root canal treatment and along with dental crown on it. Try to get treatment done for the tooth early before it breaks further or cause any pain or some other complication. Avoid any kind of trauma or stresses on this tooth which can cause breakage of tooth. Keep the tooth and surrounding area clean to avoid any secondary infections. For more info on need for replacement of missing tooth, refer to..

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