Yes, i recently about a month or 2 ago noticed that i have abput 3 white spots on my iper teeth- the 2 front ones are small but got a larger one in the back- the one in the back has just recently appeared. I was wondering what they possibly are and what could i do to make them go away, i dont think it is florasus or what ever it is called but can it possibly be decalcification- or from dry mouth- i hope it is not decay- ive been to a dentist but they dont say anything about it. thank you and have a nice day

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 17 - January - 2012, at 01:54 AM

  • White spots on teeth can be there because of demineralization of tooth enamel. More of acidic and sugary sticky diet or plaque deposits in relation to teeth which have acid producing bacteria present can lead to demineralization of tooth structure. They are incipient dental caries and if the condition progresses further, then decay of tooth structure may take place. If white spots are present from the birth, then it can be because of hypocalcified dental enamel which can occur because of trauma to the developing tooth bud. If white spots are because of incipient dental caries, then you can do fluoride rinses or can go for fluoride application to remineralize the tooth structure. Maintain a good oral hygiene to avoid any deposits around teeth. You can visit a dentist for evaluation. For detailed info on this, visit……

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