After having a kidney stone recently I was advised to drink a small amount of lemon juice daily added to a glass of water. I also drink diluted lemonade throughout the day. Will this cause damage to teeth over time? Thanks.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 11 - November - 2011, at 01:35 AM

  • Excess and regular consumption of lemon juices can cause enamel of tooth surface to erode. Lemon juice is acidic and can cause some tooth wear. Ph of lemon juice is between 2 - 3 and can cause damage over time. Chances of erosion are more if you are drinking lemon juice with more of lemons and less of water in it but if you are drinking diluted lemon juice, it doesn’t really cause damage to teeth. You can take diluted lemon juices and lemonades and can take them with a straw to avoid any potential damage to teeth. To avoid erosion of enamel, you can also rinse with water after drinking lemon juice. Washing off mouth with water will help in neutralizing the ph and will prevent chances of enamel erosion. You can also get fluoride application done or can use fluoride mouthwashes which causes remineralization of enamel and will reduce the chances of tooth damage.  For more info on enamel erosion, refer to…

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