My 3 year old hit his mouth & E came flying out. I put it back in immediately and so far it's stayed. It's been 10 hours since the incident happened. F & G got shoved far up into the gums with 40% of the tooth exposed. My general dentist said to just wait it out for 2 weeks & he would recheck it then. Should I see a Pediatric dentist for a second opinion? Thanks for your time

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  • Robin

    Robin 14 - February - 2010, at 04:43 AM

  • Baby teeth as we all know is the weakest set of teeth as it is the first set of teeth a child can have. Since baby or milk teeth have a weaker foundation than adult teeth, these are more prone to bacterial infection, as they are not yet fully developed. This is why it is best to treat a minor cavity on baby teeth as it is discovered. This way you can prevent the infection from spreading and compromising the health of the toddler even further. However, it is quite a challenge to have a child go to a dentist to have his teeth checked. The mere thought of doctors tends to scare the children away into refusing to have a checkup. Nevertheless, it is the responsibility of the parents to educate the children as to the benefits and advantages of going to the dentist especially if you find him or her to have a cavity. Here are some helpful tips as to the proper way of persuading the child to go to the dentist. First, you must make certain to have an open communication with your child. Having an open communication will help you determine the source of his fear of dentists if he has any. If you gain this knowledge, you will be able to help the child address the fear and realize that there is nothing to be afraid of about going to the dentist. Secondly, you can show him the advantages of having a regular appointment with the dentist through living examples like other children who had gone to the dentist themselves. If he sees that children his age can go to the dentist without anything happening to them, the child will soon realize that going to the dentist is not bad at all. Thirdly, You should remind him of importance of oral hygiene. You can show him pictures of teeth that have been damaged by dental diseases because of not going to the dentist. If he sees these illustrations, he may be able to give some thought about going to the dentist and eventually become convinced as to the benefit of visiting the dentist. Fourthly, You can also enlist the help of your own dentist when it comes to explaining to your child about the advantages and benefits of going to the doctor’s clinic every day. The dentists will be able to explain more thoroughly the procedures that have to be done to the child. He can therefore use language that the child can understand so much so that the patient will be comfortable with the dentist himself. Fifthly, treating a child’s dental diseases would be easier if the adults around him would operate in explaining and guiding him to like going to the dentist. If you can do this, you will not need to convince him to go to the dentist for a procedure if the time comes that he will need one. A child’s dental health is equally as important because if the foundation of his baby teeth is damaged, the structures by which the teeth are built will be damaged as well. Dental growth will be stunted.

  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 13 - January - 2010, at 20:39 PM

  • If F & G are intruded, you should not do anything and just wait. Normally the intruded baby teeth come out within 2-3 weeks. You can get an xray done to see that whether they are interfering with permanent tooth bud or not. You have reimplanted E and F & G are intruded, you have to be very careful for what your child eats as he should not bite anything from the front teeth. If you want you can take second opinion from child dental specialist (Pedodontist) but normally this is the procedure and you should wait and watch. For more on dental topics you can browse our website.

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