Im 20 and Im not going to lie, I have poor dental hygiene. Just bc I guess I never got a habit of brushing my teeth. :(... But, I have cavities on my front teeth, and probably bottom teeth. Im kind of embarassed to even go to a dentist. So, I was just wondering, if there is any way possible all of my teeth can be fixed that need fixing? And if my smile can be whitened also? I would like to know, if they can even fill cavities on the front teeth? And if so, if there is a lasting image that you had them filled?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 14 - February - 2011, at 19:48 PM

  • If you have cavities in the front teeth and you are not brushing and maintiing good oral hygeine then you should not delay the things. Start brushing twice daily and visit  your dentist ASAP. The delay will deteriorate the situation. Now about cavities in the front teeth ,If the cavities are not very deep then you can get them filled with composite which is tooth coloured filling and the shade is matched. It does not show as it is asthetic filling.But if the cavities are deep and your dentist opts for root canal treatment then after getting the root canal treatment . you have to get crowns or veneers. For more info on composite fillings you can visit the following link...


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