I went to the dentist the other day to get 2 cavities refilled, and it was going fine at first. But, both of them were on the bottom (but I just wanted to get it all done at once, so they did). Afterwards, as my numbness was wearing off, my teeth felt out of place. I read horror stories online of fillings gone wrong, and mouths shifted from their original position. So I told a family member, and they just said that it was my mind and it will feel better when the numbness wears off. Alas, it felt better, but I still didn't feel right. My smile felt like it looked different. I had never had straight teeth before, but they weren't horrible, now it feels like you can definitely tell they aren't straight. Now, I dismissed that, being as my mind can conjure up some pretty scary things if I worry too much. But then, I started grinding: not my whole mouth, just one tooth that felt out of place. I've been doing it for almost a week now, and I feel like that tooth is loose. Kinda like when I was a kid, I would wiggle the baby tooth out to get money, well now it is a full grown tooth, and my teeth(tooth) are still wiggling. I read a little bit more on the internet, and they said that if the dentist uses one of those little bite sheets, that it will be fine. Thing is, I wasn't really paying attention when he did that, and I feel that I used excessive energy on the right to bite comparative to the left. (the left is where I have the tooth loose now. So, I was thinking about just going in and getting my mouth fixed and for the dentist to just shave a little more off on the right, but I am really truly afraid. Because for almost every person who said that they went in to fix it...it got worse. What should I do? Is there any way for me to see what my old bite used to be? (Would they have it on file if I've gone a few times before?) I don't want to ruin my right side because that might throw off my balance (I know, it sounds weird, but that is kinda who I am) and I want to know if that is the reason for me grinding on my tooth or if it could be something else. (oh, and I've had a history of tongue and cheek biting, but now it is just my tongue and tooth). Thanks so much!!!!

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 18 - March - 2011, at 08:36 AM

  • Doing dental fillings is very basic and routine job for a dentist and normally it is complication free. You say you have started with the grinding of teeth. There are many causes for grinding of teeth. Along with other reasons, stress is considered to be main reason though high fillings can also cause grinding of teeth. If it is because of high filling then that tooth becomes tender. If it is the case with you then you just visit the dentist and he will just do the selective grinding of the tooth and you will be fine. But in your case it seems that you are very apprehensive about the filling and may be grinding has started because of that stress. Even if the filling is high, it is unlikely that your jaws shift or occlusion is disturbed. So take it easy and for doubt clearance you can take second opinion or visit your dentist. For more info you can read this article... www.identalhub.com/article_advantages-and-disadvantages-of-composites-42.aspx

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