In May of 2011 I went to have an old filling replaced, I was having no problems with the thooth( back molar). After this visit I began to have pain. I was then sent to have a root canal. After the pain was still present, another visit to the root canal specialist(said there might have been debris left over from the first session) Still having severe pain, I have paid alot of money out of pocket and missed work alot. I am now on Hyrocodon after the last visit(1/13/12) and just dont know what to do next? Pull thooth? Ask for a refund?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 16 - January - 2012, at 00:43 AM

  • If filling is close to nerve, then root canal treatment is done. In root canal treatment, nerve portion of the tooth is removed and is replaced with filling material. Root canal treatment is done in single sitting or in 2-3 sittings depending on amount of infection which is present. If debris is still left after first session, then it needs to be removed and complete cleaning and shaping of canals is done. Filling of canals is done when there is no pain. It is normal to have pain for some time after root canal treatment. Pain can be there because of irritation of ligaments which are surrounding the tooth structure or can occur because of inflammation of tissues adjacent to root canal treated tooth or can be there because of high filling. For pain relief, you can take pain meds as prescribed. It is advised to take soft diet 2-3 days after root canal treatment and avoid eating from side of root canal treated tooth. Pain will gradually regress. If pain doesn’t seem to regress, then you can visit your dentist for evaluation. If there is some high point present, then it can be corrected by dentist. You can wait for healing to take place. For more info on pain after root canal, refer to…..

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