im 17 years old and still have not lost all of my baby teeth i have a good majority of them and i need them pulled to my permanite teeth can grow in. they are starting to grow in on the side. i dont have insurence and i need to have anesthesia to be put to sleep so they can be pulled. i need to know what dentist in oregon can do that and for a decent price

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 30 - January - 2012, at 02:33 AM

  • Baby teeth usually fall by 12-13 years of age and are replaced with adult teeth. If adult teeth start erupting on side, then it means that baby teeth are retained. Extraction of retained baby teeth needs to be done. Before tooth extraction, dentist will numb you with local anesthesia or conscious sedation so that there is no pain. Retained baby tooth can then be pulled with forceps. No pain will occur during extraction. You will just feel some pressure. Simple tooth extraction of retained baby tooth will cost you around $50-$200 per tooth. Cost of extraction varies from dentist to dentist and place to place. If you get extraction done under conscious sedation, then cost of tooth extraction will be more. To know about dentists at your place, you can check dental listing on our website or can browse on net. If you don’t have insurance and have cost constrains, then you can get procedure done in a dental school where treatment is done by dental students under supervision of experienced dentists. You can also look for free dental clinics near your place for treatment. After tooth extraction, adult teeth will take place of baby teeth. Braces may also be required to correct the alignment of teeth. For more info on tooth extraction costs, refer to…….

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