So about 4 months ago I got a root canal, and I'm only 17, and they told me I needed a crown, but that costs like at least a thousand dollars and my state health insurance considers it "cosmetic" and wont pay for it. Yesterday I was chewing on something and a sliver about 3 millimeters wide and 2 millimeters long broke from the outer part of my tooth that surrounded the filling part of my tooth. There is no pain, I'm not sure if that just is because there was no infection (I have been taking much better care of my teeth since the root canal) or because the pulpectomy took all of the nerve out of my tooth. I'm curious what my options are? Does it sound to you like I will need a tooth pulled and get a bridge or what? It's the second molar back on the left side of my mouth on the bottom. Today is sunday of labor day weekend, so I can't even talk to a dentist until tuesday,but since I'm in no pain It's okay I suppose. I just want to know what to avoid with this broken tooth, or how to keep it clean, and what you think might happen. I still have the part of my tooth that broke off, can I tell anything about the nature of the break by looking at the tooth?

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  • dr ritz

    dr ritz 24 - September - 2011, at 00:03 AM

  • Richa, After the root canal treatment, tooth becomes brittle so crown is given to the tooth after the root canal treatment. If your root canal treated tooth got partially cracked, then you can get it restored with post and core followed by crown. Post is given to provide strength to the tooth. You can discuss about the option of post and core with your dentist. If the tooth can’t be saved, then you can get dental bridge or can get dental implants after tooth extraction. Dental implants are the best option for replacement of missing tooth after extraction. In case of dental bridge, adjacent teeth are also involved and tooth preparation of adjacent teeth is also done for dental bridge. You can get dental implants immediately after tooth extraction or can get it done after 1-2 months after tooth extraction. Dental bridge is also given after tooth extraction socket heals after tooth extraction. You can get temporary filling done as of now and can get the tooth extraction followed by implants or dental bridge later on if the tooth can’t be saved. Maintain good oral hygiene to avoid any infections. Dental implants cost around $1200-$3000 and cost varies with the type of dental implant which is given and varies from dentist to dentist. Dental bridge can be porcelain fused to metal (PFM) bridge or can be Porcelain Bridge. PFM Bridge cost around $600-$1000 per tooth and Porcelain Bridge cost around $900-$1200 per tooth. Adjacent tooth can be shaky due to gum problem or can be mobile because of trauma. If the tooth is bit mobile, then it can be saved by dental cleaning or capping procedure. If the tooth is very mobile, then tooth extraction may be required for this.

  • Richa

    Richa 23 - September - 2011, at 12:49 PM

  • About a year ago, I got root canal done and was supposed to get crown down a month later but I never did because it was too expensive for me to afford at that time and I delayed until a month ago I had my gum swallown right by the root canal and I didn’t really got to a dentist because It wasn’t bothering me much but yesterday my tooth in which I had root canal done cracked partially and I wasn’t able to eat so I went to the dentist and she advised that the tooth needs to be extracted and you might need to get bridge or implant done.. Which is a better option? And how long can I wait to get it done... She advised she will do a temporary filling till I get that done. How much does it cost? Is there a way to save the tooth? The tooth behind that is shaky too so what’s the way to prevent it? What could have caused this because some peoples root canal last forever? Thank you for your time

  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 05 - September - 2011, at 02:42 AM

  • After the root canal procedure, the tooth becomes brittle and it is important to crown a tooth after the procedure. The tooth is likely to fracture without the crown. To avoid further breakage of the tooth, it’s important that you get the crown for your root canal treated tooth. Metallic, porcelain and porcelain fused to metal crowns (PFM) are available.  Since it is a back molar, you can go for porcelain fused to metal (PFM) crown for this. PFM crowns are also tooth colored. If there is loss of much of tooth structure, then post and core procedure is done to give the strength to the tooth. Emphasis is laid on preserving the tooth structure and not removing it. Bridge is given only when there is no tooth structure left. Visit your dentist asap and get the crown or post and core for your tooth.  Till that time, avoid eating anything from that side of the tooth so that it doesn’t break further and maintain a good oral hygiene to avoid any gum infection in that area. If there are any cost constrains, then you can approach any of the dental schools near your place where treatment provided is cheaper. For more info on when is dental crown needed, you can refer to the following article…

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