I had a cavity that resulted in the need for a crown. Within six weeks, I developed an abscess. I was told by the endodontist that the crown didn't leak nor was there any residual decay. My concern is that this is the first time I went to this dentist and I was very surprised that he spent little time preparing the tooth, i.e. cleaning with air, etc. like my former dentist did. I only switched dentist because I moved to another state and now I'm afraid that this dentist may not be competent. Is there any way I can tell if the need for a root canal was due to incompetence? I greatly appreciate your help!!!

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 15 - February - 2011, at 19:58 PM

  • If the tooth was so much damaged that it needed crown then it has to be root canal treated befor going for crown. If  you have pre xray when the crown was not given then that can tell you whether the root canal was indicated at that time or not. Now you have  got the abscess, you have to get the crown removed and get root canal treatment done before getting the crown again. Root canal treatment is mostly required in deeply decayed teeth and mostly before giving the crowns, it is better to go for root canal treatment. The abscess is not because of leakage in crown but it is because the tooth was already infected when you got the crown and over the time the abscess developed. Now best way forward is to go to Endodontist to get root canal who are specialist in that and chances of failure of root canal are less. For more info on cases where root canal is required you can read this article.... www.identalhub.com/article_why-is-root-canal-treatment-rct-required-299.aspx

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