It started with a chipped tooth, so I went to get a filling and was told my #2 molar might need a root canal. I went to an endodontist, who said I did not. I went back to the dentist, who said it was most likely #3 since that had a large filling a year ago, and would have benefited from one then. So I went back to the endo and had a root canal done 4 weeks ago. That weekend, I was in more pain, as the chewing pain and throbbing came back twice as hard. I went back to the endo that Tuesday, and while nothing appeared on the exray, she opened the tooth again, and it was infected. She "drained A LOT of puss" from it (her words)and wasn't sure why it had become infected. The draining was horribly painful, as the tooth is so close to my sinuses. She put me on a z-pack and gave me some pain medication and instructions to rotate with ibuprofin. That weekend, the chewing pain was back AGAIN, so she prescribed TWO antibiotics, but a few days later I was still in pain. I went to her again that Tuesday. She xrayed my teeth, again. The did the cold test. The root canaled tooth didn't feel a thing, however, when she touched #2 (the tooth I originally was told 3 weeks prior did NOT need a root canal) I jumped out of my chair in pain. She finished the root canal on #3 and did a root canal on #2 right there. Obviously my mouth has been through a lot in the last 4 weeks, and is still sore- however, I have had on and off chewing pain, consistent throbbing and pulsating and now air and 'suction' sensitivity in #2. Part of the filling seems to have come out, but also, part of the tooth itself is chipped. Could #2 be infected as well at this point? I keep being told to wait and let it heal- and come in Tuesday to have #2 filed down to prevent any further irritation by biting together with my lower teeth- but this has been a nightmare. 1) Should I be running for a second opinion at this point 2) Are they correct that I need #2 filed down to stop any irritation. 3) Could the chip allow for the tooth to become infected as #3 was?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 17 - December - 2010, at 19:48 PM

  • Before going for the second opinion I will suggest that you wait for some more time. The filing of the tooth really helps in healig some time. You can wait till that and get the filing done and even if after that the tooth is painfu then you can go for the second opinion. The #2 tooth can not get infected by chiping in such a small duration if the chip is small. After root canal treatment you should go for the crowns of both the teeth as after root canal treatment the teeth become brittle and the chances of chipping increases but before going for the crowns make sure that both the teeth are asymptomatic. After root canal treatment the teeth are tender for a while as it takes some time to heal. For more info on root canal treatment you can visit the following

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