This is the third day that I have been experiencing EXTREME pain in one of my lower left molars, the second tooth from the back. I've had three root canals done, two on the left side (last two teeth on bottom) as well as the second from the back on the right side. The tooth that is causing pain has had a root canal so I have no temperature sensitivity, but very intense sensitivity to pressure. I was given an NTI several months ago because the teeth that had been worked on were causing me a significant amount of discomfort, well after the root canals were finished. The NTI didn't alleviate any pain, and actually made things worse. Following root canals and other dental procedures I use a regular sports mouthguard made of soft rubber/plastic. I have yet to have crowns/caps put on any of these teeth as the dentists wanted to wait until the teeth had settled down to do any more work on them. The tooth that is experiencing the severe pain was done in March of this year. The tooth feels like it sits higher than it used to, it's no longer even with the very last molar the way it is on the other side of my mouth. I went to the dentist yesterday and they continue recommending that I go to Tufts in Boston to be evaluated for myofascial pain. I don't believe that this tooth started hurting so severely, with no known trigger, due to myofascial pain. It aches on it's own and even the weight of my top teeth resting on the bottom ones is too much to bear. I feel extreme pain when using my tongue to feel around the area, even with the lightest of pressure. The dentist took an x-ray yesterday, but nothing was seen on it. This is the most unbelieveable dental pain I've had in a long, long time. I had a very bad experience with my wisdom teeth extraction, and had to go back for more surgery and procedures after the initial surgical visit. The pain I'm currently experiencing is on par with what I felt after that endodontist butchered my mouth, if not worse. I am on percocet for an unrelated chronic pain issue, and even taking extra medication only dulls the pain a little to make it somewhat manageable (still can't put pressure on it in any way, but it doesn't ache and throb on its own as much). I feel that the tooth is cracked or something worse is going on, but I can't self-diagnose, and the dentist I saw yesterday for my emergency visit didn't seem to think it was a cracked tooth either. I have issues getting numb for dental procedures, but yesterday in the office the dentist tried to numb the area and the tooth to see if it gave me any relief. The left half of my face was completely numb, but I still felt the incredible pain of my affected molar. Any ideas of what could be the problem(s)??

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 11 - September - 2011, at 10:56 AM

  • from your description it looks like that the pain is due to Root Canal treatment failure. Sometimes after root canal treatment pain can be there if the vital pulp is left in canals or infection is not removed properly. As you feel that tooth is elevated and there is pain when the upper tooth seats on the lower tooth. This is clear indication that the tooth is still infected and due to infection the tooth is elevated in the socket. If nothing is coming in the xray and your dentist is not able to diagnose it then you can take a second opinion from an Endodontist. If root canal is infected then Re-root canal treatment is done in which  old filling is removed and a root canal is performed again. For more info on re-root canal treatment you can read this article...

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