Is it possible to get more than 10 cavities in one year, how rare is this? Also, is it true that some people are prone to gum problems and other people are prone to cavities but that people are NOT able to have both due to the mouths acidity vs. alkaline? Other than x-rays can you determine a cavity by spraying something on the tooth and seeing parts turn black? How certain are dentists that a patient has cavities when they look at x-rays? My dentist says that for many of my cavities, he cannot tell until he gets in there, which I assume means drilling a hole.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 18 - July - 2011, at 19:03 PM

  • Yes it is possible to have 10 cavities in a year if proper hygiene is not maintained and sweet and sticky food with frequent snacking is done. It is not necessary that you have only have one problem like either gum problem or cavities. Both the problems in oral cavity are related with poor oral hygiene and food impaction and the bacteria. Though it is possible that some people are more prone to these than others as hereditary factor also play a part. For diagnosis of cavities now days very advanced diagnostic aids are available. For detection of cavities the dentist can be certain by doing clinical examination and xrays. Xrays alone are sometimes donot give the clear picture. So clinical examination becomes necessary. For more info on cavities you can read this article...

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