I am a 28 year old female. I have fluorosis. I had too much flouride as a child and my teeth were affected cosmetically and structurally by this. My enamel is weakened. I had brown pitted dots all over my front teeth, which as a kid lead to constant ridicule. At about 10 years old, my mother agreed to have a dentist just fill in those dots with bonding material, but when he was finished, he had, without permission, shaved down the front of both teeth and bonded the entire fronts because the "bonding material didn't match as well as he expected." My mother was extremely unhappy with this, as it was not what they had agreed on, and we did not go back to this dentist ever again. Over the years, the bonding decayed and chipped off. I found a new dentist who recommended veneers for the front 4 teeth, and had them put on. They looked great! However, again after 5 or so years, decay started getting underneath the seams, cavities formed, and both my tooth and the veneers started chipping. They advised a permanent solution of caps/crowns for the top 7, and actually made me sign a consent that they were not held responsible for my teeth decaying/falling out if I did not have this work done. I saved up for years and years. The total bill was close to $9,000.00, all of which I had to pay since I had no dental insurance. I didn't want to do one tooth at a time because I felt visually it wouldn't look right, and the dentist recommended doing a few together to achieve a good fit. June 23, 2008 I had my caps placed on. Over the course of the 22 months I've had the caps placed on my teeth, 5 of the 7 caps have popped off. The eyetooth fell off last night. The dentist researched it after the 3rd one fell off, and said the cement they used was a bad batch from the manufacturer. They've been good re-cementing them at no cost, and luckily I haven't lost one yet when they popped off. However, I am extremely dissapointed. I am prone to decay, and when they just pop off that means the seal was comprimised and bacteria and saliva was getting underneath the cap. I can't afford any more dental work and am extremely dissatisfied with the end result. In addition to this, I had them perform a root canal 11 years ago on #31. I waited years for a cap to be placed over this tooth #31. As soon as they placed the cap on, within 6-12 months, I started getting irritation between #31 and #30. I went back a couple times complaining of an odd sensation under the tooth and they prescribed amoxicillin 875 2x day. Just this past February, bubble formed on my gum below the cap. I had an apicoectomy performed, and the oral surgeon said the infection was so bad that he had to bone graft because there was almost no bone left in the area under that tooth in my jaw. I go to the dentist every 6 months for a cleaning and xrays. Shouldn't this have been picked up on xray? The only other more recent root canal I had is on tooth#20, and the contact on one side of the tooth is irritated and I can feel a notch towards the bottom of the tooth when I floss - its not smooth and the gum between #20 and #21 is a bit inflammed. I can't afford any more procedures and am at a loss on how to proceed. I should mention my homecare is on target. I brush 2-3x daily with a phillips sonicare electric toothbrush and have the ultrajet waterpik. I floss 1x daily. What should I do? What can I do? Thanks so much for any information!

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 09 - April - 2010, at 19:43 PM

  • It is very unfortunate that your crowns popped off. Normally this does not happen. Once the crowns are cemented, they donot come out and donot pose any problems. If your dentist has identfied it to be crown cement quality problem, then get them recement from your dentist. As you have high caries incidence, the dentist can use, cement containing fluorides to cement your crowns. Regarding the #31 Root Canal problem, if during 6 monthly visits, the xray are taken, only then it can be identified as it is chronic and there are no symptoms of pain and swelling, the bone loss is very slow and symptom free. The patient sufferring from this comes to know when either the tooth becomes mobile or some sinus is developed as is in your case. In the other Root Canal treated tooth, if you are feeling a notch during flossing, then you should consult the dentist and if needed get the refilling of the tooth done. The swelling in the gums between the two teeth can be due to the gap which causes the food impaction, so donot ignore it. As per your oral hygiene regime, it is quite satisfactory, but if you are caries prone, you can use fluoridated mouthwash at bed time after brushing your teeth. This should help. For more info on oral hygiene you can browse our website from following link www.identalhub.com/article_good-oral-hygiene-231.aspx

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