SO two days ago i went to school and was going to brush my teeth. when i started brushing i noticed a mustardy taste. me not thinking anything of it i continued to brush with toothpaste to take away the taste. a day later i felt sick with a dry throat smotach felt empty and puffy eyes. My friend said i looked to have an illergic reaction but denied anyting . I am becoming concerned about a possible diease. The other thing is that the tooth brush has a traveling case top for it and after i was done i put the case on right after brushing.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 05 - December - 2011, at 01:55 AM

  • Odd taste on brushing can be because of tooth paste or can be there because of some food stuff which you ate. If you changed your tooth paste or mouth wash recently, then allergic reaction can be because of that. Systemic condition can also be because of use of old tooth brush. If the bristles of tooth brush are broken, they will act as a host to variety of oral infections like fungus and bacteria and will cause infection. Canker sores in mouth, mild fever and infections in mouth suggest that it is the time to change tooth brush. You can switch to a new tooth brush. Make sure to rinse the tooth brush after use with warm water to sanitize the tooth brush. Maintain a good oral hygiene and along with tooth brushing, also do flossing and use a mouth wash to avoid any oral infections.  For more info on changing tooth brush, refer to….

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