I have had cracked tongue eversince I can remember. It has always bothered me but while I was getting older I kinda found truce with it as I saw that it was OK and people didn't really notice or cared about it (especially girls of course). But now when I look into mirror when I brush my teeth I can see that my condition has significently worsened perhaps nearly 100% I have more and new cracks on my tongue, the old cracks are bigger and deeper, it's just frustrating. I also suffer like my father from bleeding gums, when I brush my teeth they bleed not all of them some of them, sometimes it's better sometimes it's worse, I tried all kinds of tooth pastes and mouth washes, it doesn't do much. I do have a problem with morning breath, I think it's caused by breathing with your mouth when you sleep (I was told by number of people that I am an incredible snorer) and I suppose while I am asleep my gums could bleed too and make this unpleasent morning breath. When I brush my teeth in the morning everything is fine, its just I can taste this sour taste in my throat onwards, even when I wake up it seems as if alot of this bad odour came out of my throat by I am not sure though My overall oral hygiene is very good I think, I do flossing now and then and brush my teeth twice or thrice a day. Just today it feels like the taste buds on the tip of my tongue are kinda burning/irritated, I must confess I do like spicy food sometimes, by the way I'm a male 26 yrs Q no: 1 - Is there a way my tongue can heal it cracks or at least what should I do to prevent more carck from happening Q no: 2 What can I do to stop this awful morning breath, I don't wanna scare a girl away when she wakes up in the morning next to me, besides it's not fair since I take care of my mouth.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 27 - June - 2010, at 19:56 PM

  • You have geographical tongue and there is no treatment for this. you can only maintain very good oral hygeine and try cleaning the tongue as much as possible as the food gets impacted in the fissures of the tongue causing bad breath. Along with this if your gums are also bleeding that means you have gingivitis . You should get the dental cleaning done after every 6 months besides regular brushing, flossing and tongue cleaning. for more info on lesions f tongue you can visit the following link.......http://www.identalhub.com/article_abnormalities-of-tongue-238.aspx

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