I am a 65 year old male with all my natural teeth. Two incisors and one canine are now quite loose. Can an effective dental adhesive be used to simply secure these loose teeth in place? How much would it cost to glue teeth in place?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 16 - September - 2011, at 04:48 AM

  • There is no dental adhesive to secure the loose teeth in place. Teeth become loose due to plaque and calculus deposits around the teeth or due to trauma. Bone resorption occurs in case of loose teeth. Without clinical examination, it is difficult to comment that whether the tooth can be saved or not. If the teeth are slightly loose, then to secure the loose teeth splinting can be done. In this, a thin steel wire is used to attach the loose teeth to the strong ones. In this way, loose tooth will be held in place and will be supported by good tooth. Capping can be given after doing the root canal procedure in slightly loose teeth. It is important that you maintain good oral hygiene to avoid loosening of the teeth. You have to brush and floss regularly so that there are no deposits present around the teeth. Teeth cleaning can also be done to remove the deposits. When there are no deposits around the teeth, then the gums will regrow and there will be enough support to the tooth.  If the teeth are very loose, then their extraction may be required. Refer to your dentist asap.  For more info on remedies for loose teeth, you can refer to the following article… http://www.identalhub.com/dental-remedies-for-loose-tooth-524.aspx

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