My 14yr old son has a very large bubble on top of his gum bottom back left. He is in pain and he just came home from school with this. I had him gargle some warm salt water and gave him some asprin,will this go away or do i need to make an appointment a.s.a.p?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 25 - January - 2012, at 04:03 AM

  • Bubble on top of gums can be there because of eruption of second molars or third molars or can be there because of gum infection present. Impingement of some sharp food stuff can also lead to swelling on the gums. Second molars usually erupt by age of 12-13 years of age but there may be delayed eruption of second molars. If second adult molars are already present, then bubble on gums can be there because of wisdom tooth eruption. Sharp food stuffs impinging on gums or gum infection present can also lead to bubble on top of gums. Without clinical examination, it is difficult to give definite diagnosis. You can take your son to a dentist for evaluation. If there is gum infection present, then dental cleaning will be required. If there is some sharp food impinging, then it can be removed. If there is impacted wisdom tooth present, then surgical extraction of wisdom tooth will be required. By the time, he visits a dentist; he can continue with warm saline rinses and can apply orajel over it for some relief. For more info on wisdom teeth, refer to……

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