I have seven cavities. Some are chipped teeth via bruxism. Some are genuine cavities from poor dental hygiene. I am opposed to going to a dentist unless it's absolutely necessary, as I'm low on funds and desperate. I do not qualify for any free rides that I'm aware of in my area, and it's a pre-existing condition, so I'm pretty sure dental insurance wouldn't cover the work. My question. I have access to the tools and materials which dentists use. Is it preferable to leave open cavities which make me loose sleep and concentration daily, or scrape much but not all of the dental carie, etch, prime, and build composite fillings on my own?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 18 - October - 2011, at 02:44 AM

  • If you have dental cavities present, then you need to get filling done to restore the teeth. You can’t do the fillings your self even if you have all the dental tools. Only dentists can do dental filling. Specialty is required to do dental fillings. It is the dentist who can judge well how much tooth structure is to be removed and you can’t drill your tooth structure yourself. You can’t even leave your cavities open as it can cause deepening of cavities in course of time and can cause pain later on. For the time being, you can get the cavity filled with temporary material available commercially and can get the temporary filling replaced with permanent dental filling from a dentist in 2-3 days. If some of your teeth are chipped due to bruxism, then you have to get mouth guards or splints to avoid further wearing away of tooth structure. Bruxism or clenching of teeth mainly occurs because of stress or anxiety or malocclusion of teeth. If bruxism is due to stress, then you need to reduce your stress level and if it is because of malocclusion, then you need to get it corrected.  You need to get your cavities restored from a dentist and get treatment done for bruxism. Don’t leave the cavities unrestored or don’t fill them yourself. If you don’t have much money, then you can approach any of the dental schools near your place where treatment provided is cheap or you can ask your dentist if you can pay in installments for the treatment. For more info on dental filling procedure, you can refer to following article…  http://www.identalhub.com/dental-what-is-the-procedure-of-dental-filling-by-dentist-808.aspx

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