Hi, I had a Molar extracted 5 weeks ago, the extraction was difficult and the tooth came out in 4 parts as it was discovered to have had a root canal. The gum got worn down to the bone and jaw bone was showing, this has now healed over after that part of the bone fell off, but I have pus leaking out of the top of the extraction site when I apply pressure and a gum boil emerged today. I have been back to the dentist and he burst the boil and said it is probably bone fragments working their way out causing the pus and slight bleeding, he did an xray and nothing looked wrong. part of the gum is quite red but not where the gum boil was I have no pain, I was just wondering if I should have anything to worry about and is it this normal? I have not been prescribed any antibiotics as I had some 3 weeks ago. Thanks, Dean.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 22 - November - 2011, at 01:43 AM

  • Since it was a difficult tooth extraction, so pus 5 weeks after tooth extraction can be because of some tooth fragment left in the socket or can be because of some bony flake which came out during tooth extraction. Secondary infection in relation to tooth extraction socket because of food accumulates around can also lead to pus formation after tooth extraction. If pus 5 weeks after tooth extraction is because of bony flakes, then your dentist can remove them or smoothen them. Bony flakes interfere with healing process of tooth extraction socket. Gum boil can also occur because of food accumulates in relation to tooth extraction socket. Make sure to keep the tooth extraction socket area clean to avoid any infections and continue with warm saline rinses for faster healing to take place. For more info on complications after tooth extraction, refer to…     http://www.identalhub.com/dental-complications-after-tooth-extraction-881.aspx

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