I have been a patient of acute bad breath since the last 11 years. All the way I have been treating myself with home remedies but they seem to work on a temporary basis only. I have also tried several medicated tooth pastes, tooth brushes and mouth washes but they work for a maximum of 1 hour only. Then again the problem persists. If I tell you about the start of this problem, it started almost at the age of 7, when I started getting the new set of teeth after the milk teeth. At that time I had a poor dental hygiene. I used to skip brushing and also kept my mouth dirty for days. At that time things were minimum but now with age the things are also getting worse. After brushing even I donot get any relief because my mouth smells from inside. I have no teeth problems now. I brush regularly and keep my mouth very clean.But still my mouth starts smelling immediately after brushing. I feel that my mouth smells more whwn it is empty. Smells comes out from stomach. Even if I use a mouth freshener it only works for a minute or two. Then again my mouth starts smelling from my stomach. Also I would like to add that even my father suffer from the same problem as I do. May be this is due to his age factor. Or even this can be a genetic problem with me after him. Kindly suggest a medical remedy or some medicines to get me cure of this embarrassing problem.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 18 - January - 2012, at 03:03 AM

  • Bad breath is not a disease but is a symptom of disease. Bad breath can be there because of poor oral hygiene of the patient or can be because of some cavities or periodontal problems in relation to teeth. Unclean tongue, dry mouth or intake of more of foods like garlic’s and onions can also lead to bad breath. Some of the respiratory and gastric problems also lead to bad odor from oral cavity. Bad breath is not genetic. Along with brushing, also do flossing to remove the deposits interdentally. Mouth washes are chemical adjunct to plaque removal and prevents bad odor from mouth. Make sure to clean front and back portion of tongue with a tongue scrapper or a tooth brush. In most of cases, unclean tongue is reason of bad breath. If there are cavities present or some gum infection present, then get treatment done for it. Take more of fluids. Avoid intake of foods containing onions and garlic’s. To mask effect of bad breath, you can use mint tooth paste or sugar free gums.  If bad breath still persists, then you can visit your medical doctor for evaluation. Bad breath can also be there because of respiratory or gastric problems or because of some other systemic problem. For more info on prevention and remedies of bad breath, refer to…    http://www.identalhub.com/article_prevention-and-remedies-of-bad-breath-18.aspx

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