I had RCT done in my upper 7 molar on the left side in August 2010. It was a single sitting RCT done for a carious tooth.Post RCT 6 months I was asymptomatic, after which i developed severe pain over the same tooth in Feb 2011-treated with analgesics and antibiotics.Again I have an episode of severe pain presently-my endodontist has removed the crown now . He says the xray is not suggestive of an abscess-probably an ill fitting crown may be the cause for my pain.He also mentioned that there was some bone loss as well. Please opine.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 08 - May - 2011, at 19:01 PM

  • If bone loss is there on xray then because of perio problem the tooth becomes infected. The perio problem can be there due to ill fitting crown or good oral hygiene is not maintained in that area which causes the food impaction and hence the gum problem. If the roots of teeth are not involved then removing the crown and treating the gum problem will give you the relief then you donot have to go for re-root canal treatment but if episode of pain is there again after treating gum problem then you have to go for endo perio treatment in which along with treatment of gum problem the re-root canal has also to be done. For more info on re-root canal you can read this article.... www.identalhub.com/article_root-canal-re-treatment-304.aspx

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