I woke up in the morning with a pain in my lover lip; I checked under my front tooth and i see that my teeth are out of my gums and it hurts. What can I do?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 15 - September - 2011, at 04:19 AM

  • The tooth becomes loose due to gum problems present around the teeth.  You need to maintain good oral hygiene to avoid loosening of the teeth. You have to brush and floss regularly. You can do warm saline rinses 3-4 times a day. If the teeth are mobile, then you have to refer to your dentist for this. Splinting may be required to make the tooth firm. The dentist may do dental cleaning to remove the deposits present around the teeth.  If there is some gum problem associated with the tooth, then gum surgery may also be required. If the tooth has come out totally, then you can keep it in milk or hank’s solution and refer to your dentist asap so that he can replant it.  You need to consult your dentist. For more info on good oral hygiene, you can refer to the following article… http://www.identalhub.com/article_good-oral-hygiene-231.aspx

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