Recently I had a surgical extraction of a wisdom tooth, now the tooth next to it feels spongy and I can not bite down on it. It is also sensitive to hot and cold liquids. The crown on the tooth had to be replaced after the extraction and my question is; what would cause me to not be able to bite down with the tooth? What might cause this problem?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 09 - September - 2011, at 23:43 PM

  • There might be some high point present on the crown which might be causing the sensitivity. It could also be because of some gum infection in relation to the tooth which is capped which might be causing the discomfort. Infection in the capped tooth can also cause sensitivity. There should be no pain after root canal treatment and capping in the tooth, if root canal treatment is done properly. You need to consult your dentist in this regard. If there is some high point present on the capping, then selective grinding can be done to correct it. You have to maintain a good oral hygiene to avoid any infection. By that time, to fasten the healing of wisdom tooth extraction socket, you can do warm saline rinses.   Follow the instructions of your dentist for the socket area to heal properly. For more info on problem after crown placement, you can refer to the following article…

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