I am supposed to get lot of fillings as I feel that I have poor oral hygiene and I have been a good candy lover, which has taken toll on my teeth. I feel afraid of dentist and his drilling machine. Can you let me know what is dental filling process all about.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 05 - July - 2011, at 03:08 AM

  • The way dental fillings work and the entire process that is linked with it makes for a wonderful way to find out more about them. The first thing that one needs to keep in mind about the dental filling is that it is a treatment that has been around for centuries now.  However, surprising this might sound it was started in the year 1875. This was by Dr. G.V. Black and the methods that he used way then are still being used.

    The methods used were to use the best of silver amalgam to fill the fillings with the teeth. The way the doctor would go about is to remove the part of the tooth that is beyond repair and has a whole lot of decay to it.  The dental filling process is termed as one of the most structured and organized of processes based on the systematic methods that are used.

    The tooth is extended to ensure that it is ready for the filling. This could be by grooves or surfaces. This will not only serve the purpose of holding the filling together but also go on to ensure that in future there is no more decay that the tooth is exposed to.

    The first thing to keep in mind about the Dental Filling Process is that the sooner you discover the cavity the less time and work it is going to take on the tooth. Most of the dental processes are found out about during the time of a dental exam. If the cavity has broken the enamel and reached the dentin then an instrument called an explorer is used to find out further and decide what kind of treatment it will require.

    The treatment for Dental Filling Process that is followed in case of a small cavity is the use of healed or re-mineralized with fluoride that can work like magic for it.

    There are two major objectives that are used in a Dental Filling Process and they are to remove the decayed portion of the tooth from the remaining tooth before it goes on to because any further concerns and also to ensure that you are able to rebuild the structure of the missing tooth. The filling for the teeth will go on to do that work.

    The first thing that the dentist does is start with a local anesthetic which is xylocaine in most cases that is inject4ed. Then, the tooth is isolated from the rest of the mouth, and a high-speed dental drill is used to remove decay. After that the tooth is prepared for the filling. The tooth preparation and the time taken for it will be dependable upon the material that the dentist decided to use.

    After that a liner is used to reduce tooth sensitivity. In case of deeper fillings, a base is also recommended.

    The most common and different materials used to fill the tooth are silver also called amalgam), white known as resin), porcelain, or gold.

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