Last night I woke up and every tooth in my mouth hurt. This has happened many times but has always been during the day. It will start with my bottom front teeth and it takes less than 10 minutes to spread to every tooth in my mouth. I even get pain where teeth are missing. I can't seem to narrow it down to one tooth because it seems to start with front bottom but last nightit was a back molar that had pain when I tapped it. I have my teeth cleaned twice a year (last was about 1 month ago) and I mentioned it to person that does the cleaning and she said she never heard of anything like that. I do had gum disease but I spend more time taking care of my teeth then I do on my hair and makeup combined. Anyway, when the pain starts up I brush, floss, and rinse with mouthwash and that usually solved the problem for a few days. Sometimes I have to rinse with peroxide mixed with water. That usualy does the trick but these episodes are getting closer and closer. My two questions are: Have you ever heard of anything like this and what type of dentist would I want to go to for help?

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  • Chandler B

    Chandler B 01 - October - 2010, at 04:06 AM

  • The bleeding gums might be a sign of a developing problem. Listerine would likely help. The tooth pain sounds like you might be clenching your jaw in your sleep. Any headaches on top of it? Because that would really lead me to think you were clenching.

  • Stevia Roberts

    Stevia Roberts 30 - September - 2010, at 23:25 PM

  • For the past month or so, I have had bleeding gums when I brush my teeth. at first, i thought it was because i was brushing to hard so i bought a soft bristle toothbrush and brushed my teeth really lightly. Now though, especially over the past day or so it has just gotten worse on the left side. If i touch my gums they hurt, and they are a bit swollen. My teeth on the left side, especially on the bottom hurt alot. The only relief i seem to get is when i bite down hard on my teeth. also, in one of my tooths, theres almost like a dent or a space in between the gums and my tooth. its not really a space, you cant see through it, but i think its just really swollen or something.

  • Wendy Roberts

    Wendy Roberts 28 - September - 2010, at 22:56 PM

  • The very first thing you should do is to maintain your proper oral hygiene. Brush your teeth with Soft toothbrush in vertical motions. Never use horizontal motions to brush your teeth. It may prove harmful in the long run. For swelling you may rinse your mouth with warm salt water every 3 - 4 hrs. This will lower the swelling. You may ask for Over the counter Gum Paint containing Lignocaine at chemist shop. You should apply this gum paint on your gum where it pains, 2 -3 times a day... This will give local relief from pain. You may also take an analgesic like Ibuprofen + paracetamol combination if pain persists. If dryness in mouth occurs then discontinue its use.

  • Ross Geller

    Ross Geller 28 - September - 2010, at 04:56 AM

  • My lower left wisdom tooth has grown slightly and stopped in the last month or so.. For the last week it has been really swollen, had a sore jaw and swollen glands. Also, when I put my teeth together I can feel the swollen part before my teeth are actually together. Is there anything I can do for now? I have to wait until the 13th October before I can see an Oral Surgeon. It is really painful and pain killers dont seem to work.

  • Courtney Fox

    Courtney Fox 27 - September - 2010, at 04:44 AM

  • had 3 of mine out that were badly impacted and it HURT SO MUCH for about a week. The bruising gets worse, as does the swelling. I think from memory that day 3 was the worst for me, but they also had to break my jaw at the bottom to get them out. If you are concerned, call your dental surgeon, thats what you pay them for!! If it makes you feel better, the mouth heals the fastest in the body and gets the least amount of infections than any other surgery. The swelling took about 3 weeks to go completly down and the bruising took about 4 weeks. (I had mine taken out when I was under a GA too, so they are a bit rougher with you than in the chair) I hope this helps, if you are worried, go to the local Emergency department, your doctor or call your surgeon up.

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