Hi; I was wondering what percentage of orthodontic patients are the result of thumb sucking. Thanks.

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    JULIE 20 - April - 2011, at 15:00 PM

  • I know it affects teeth by pushing the out. i know...i was a thumb sucker. there is a fun and positive product called "Thumbuddy to Love" to help stop thumb sucking. Kids love it...Google it!

  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 20 - April - 2011, at 07:23 AM

  • if the thumb sucking is discontinued before the eruption of the permanent teeth then chances of malalignment of the teeth is very much reduced but if it is continued even after the eruption of the permanent teeth then most of the thumb sucker need braces treatment but it depends upon the intensity and the frequency of thumb sucking also. For more info on thumb sucking you can visit the following link....www.identalhub.com/articlecategory-thumb-sucking-13.aspx

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